Not only the sea... there is so much more to discover!

Romagna, thanks to its territorial conformation, is a perfect place to combine a "sun and sea" holiday with a relaxing holiday. cultural holiday and in contact with nature. During your seaside holiday it will be really interesting to dedicate a few hours to the discovery of the territory surrounding you.

A land of great historical echo, it manages to reconcile the pressing rhythm of the coast with the reflection of its hilly landscapes ready to welcome you and show you their wonders. There are many towns within easy reach, including: San Marino, Ravenna, San Leo, Bertinoro, Cesena and many others.  

Cesenatico - Canal Harbour

Cesenatico is a characteristic place on the Riviera that combines history, culture and good living. In the small and picturesque old town you can still breathe the atmosphere of the ancient fishing village, between the canal port and the alleys where you can find museums, restaurants, markets and charming clubs.

The centre of Cesenatico has two souls, the historic and the seaside. The old town centre develops along the canal port designed in its present form by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1502. Today Cesenatico is one of the main tourist resorts on the Romagna Riviera that continues to evolve while remaining faithful to its tradition.


Cesena - Malatesta City

Cesena is a Malatesta town where it is possible to vi-sit various museums linked to its history, including the Rocca Malatestiana which today houses the Mu-seum of Agriculture. Also famous for its pretty downtown full of shops for all budgets, clubs and restaurants typical of the area. 

Not to be missed in Cesena is the Malatesta Library UNESCO World Heritage Site. This library is uni-que in the world because of its state of preservation and contains precious manuscripts. 


San Leo - Villages

San Leo is a hamlet which rises on the top of Mount Feliciano, a sharp rock surrounded by overhanging cliffs. Here you can admire the fortress designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini; the two churches, Pieve of pre-Romanesque style, dating back as far as the 9th century, and the Duomo of Lombard Romanesque style, dating back to the 12th century.

Visiting San Leo is also a way to get involved in the history and legends of Montefeltro. And if you have time, do not miss a visit to the Fortress where in the past the Count of Cagliostro was imprisoned, and the Museum of Torture.


Longiano - Medieval

Longiano is a small medieval town where stands the Malatesta Castle, home to the richest collection of modern and contemporary art in the region "Tito Balestra Foundation". In the beautiful town you will also find several museums dedicated to art and territory, such as the Museum of Vintage Records, the collection of Commedia dell'Arte masks and the Museum of the Territory.


Mosaics Ravenna

Ravenna is the seat of splendid monuments. These are witnesses of its great political, commercial but above all artistic importance over the years. Here you can visit some of the monuments that have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including basilicas, baptisteries and mausoleums; among those not to be missed: 

  • The Mausoleum of Theodoric 
  • The Neoniano Baptistery
  • The Basilica of Santa Apollinare in Classe
  • The Basilica of Santa Apollinare Nuovo 
  • The Basilica of San Vitale

Ravenna is also known for its grave of Dante Alighieri, who preserves his spoils


Republic San Marino

San Marino is the meta more loved by tourists. The walk through the narrow streets full of shops, the views, the spectacle offered by the unique state ceremonies, are a classic to visit at least once. The monuments, the towers, the palaces, the many museums and the famous medieval festivals, will give you many emotions.

Things to do: visit at least one museum among the Torture Museum, the Wax Museum and the Museum of Curiosities.


Rocca di Gradara

Gradara is an ancient village with an fairytale air and ancient flavor, setting of the legend of Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante. Walking through its streets, for the Rocca expertly lit and surrounded by centuries-old oaks, is an experience not to be missed.

Among the things to do: walk on the walls, visit the inside of the Rocca, wander through the little shops in the old town.