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The animation of Gatteo Mare Summer Village

During the summer Gatteo Mare turns into a large village, open to the sky, a place of fun, smiles and lots of music. The Hotel Giuliana adheres to the great project, the Gatteo Mare Village and offers all customers a long summer in the company of the talented animators of the village. Both adults and children can participate in the activities and moments of the game, dancing and evening entertainment.

In the morning you start the day with aerobics, group dances, aqua gym; the afternoon continues with music and dances of the caribbean, and in the evening we will move to the Liberty Square for the live music performances and animation shows.

Animation for children

Children are the centre of the programme of animation of Gatteo Mare Summer Village. The appointment is all day, with many shows, games, dances, sports, and outdoor activities. Every day, there is a kids club, the afternoon games on the beach, Mini Olympic games, in the evening there is the baby dance. The entertainment for children takes place both on the beach and in the park Gardens Don Guanella, safe locations and cared for, for children to play in complete freedom.

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